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Government incentives

Foreign companies and other organizations with Dutch subsidiaries can benefit from an attractive range of government subsidies. Eligible activities include R&D, employee education and training, exports, product innovation and industrial co-operation.

In the Netherlands subsidies and grants are available for both large corporations and SME’s (small and medium size enterprises). The focus is on the latter. There are a large number of subsidy schemes on the central government level as well as on provincial and municipal level.

These incentives can substantially increase the profitability and cash flow position of the business.

Dutch payroll

Government money is certainly not restricted for use on originally Dutch companies. If a subsidiary of a foreign company has been set up in the Netherlands, the subsidiary is considered to be a Dutch company. The Dutch branch however is expected to bear the costs for eligible projects so for example for R&D-subsidy; the R&D must be performed by employees on the ‘Dutch payroll’.


Whether or not your business activities qualifies for subsidy depends on its contribution to the Government’s programmed objectives, therefore you need help. Tabulus has ex-ten-sive experience in advising (foreign) companies in the Netherlands and can guide you through the field of subsidies.


If your organization is considering taking on projects in the Netherlands which may be (partly) funded by subsidies, please contact Tabulus for further information.

We will put our resources and experience to the task, and realise your subsidy application.

Because we are very successful in our line of business, we can work on a No Cure – No Pay Basis.

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